Site Survey Form and Checklist

When moving to a new office Equiinet will conduct a site survey to ensure your IT and telecommunications are ready for an easy installation.

IT and Telecom Relocating Office Checklist

When moving office, you need to ensure as little down time as possible, finding the right help will make sure you are transferred and operational again with minimal disruption.

• Find an IT Relocation Company to move your telephone and IT systems
• Forward new address to phone provider for updating e911
• Forward new IP address to phone provider to ensure IP phone system is routed to new office
• Create an inventory of all the equipment you will need
• Create a configuration plan for your telephone and IT system
• Decide on your networking cabling configuration
• Decide which equipment to bring with you and what you no longer need
• See where the best locations for workstations are
• Check where power cables and CAT5 or CAT6 sockets are available where IP phones will be placed
• Create a backup plan in case of delay or disaster
o Examples include: Forward phone numbers to employee cell phones
o Setup after hours auto attendant or automatic IVR notifying callers that they can leave a voicemail message
• Discuss these key points with your internal IT team and relocation company
• Agree on cabling, socket placement, hardware/software requirements and installation

If you have changed internet providers or are using a new IP configuration, you may need to get in touch with technical support to reconfigure your setup. This would need to be initiated prior to moving your VoIP phone system to the new site.

Please contact Equiinet ahead of time to schedule a tech for on-call over the phone support. We will be able answer any question and guide you through challenges.

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