HOW TO: Call Forward on EQ-F58P, EQ-F62P, EQ-F66PG

1. Press the "Menu" soft key.

2. Using the Navigation Arrows Select “Features”, then press the "Enter" soft key.

3. Select “Call Forward” using the "Enter" soft key.

4. Select the first line (“3072” for example, on extension 307) and press the “Enter” soft key.

5. Select an Option: Always, Busy, or No Answer and press the "Enter" soft key.

6. Using the left/right Navigation Arrow keys, change to “Enabled” or “Disabled”.

7. Using the Down Navigation Arrow, in the Telephone field, Enter the number to forward to.


For “No Answer” only:

Use the Down Navigation Arrow to set the time your phone will ring before it transfers.

Press the “Save” soft key.

Press the “Exit” soft key until exit the Menu.


“Always” sets all calls to immediately forward without ringing the phone

“Busy” sets the phone to forward only if the phone is in use

“No Answer” allows the phone to ring for a set time and then forward.

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