Extension List Form Instructions

Remember this to keep it simple:

  • Each phone is assigned an extension.  These assignments are programmed by Equiinet’s programmers before your equipment is delivered. For the most part, you can pick your extensions, and they can be three or four digits, like 101 or 2201.


Your company has five (5) phones.  They may be assigned extensions 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105. 

  • Each extension may be associated to a person, or a department, or location.  This helps YOU and us figure out which phone you are on.   YOU NEED to tell us who/what is on which extension.


Ext. 100 is associated to the Operator/General Voicemail

Ext 101 is associated to the Receptionist’s phone (Phyllis).  

Ext 102 is associated to Millie’s office. 

Ext 103 is associated to Hal’s office. 

Ext 104 is associated to the shipping dock desk.

Ext 105 is associated with the Maintenance Dept.

So if someone calls extension 101, it might be answered as “Hello, reception”.  At Ext 104, it might be answered, “Hello, Shipping Dock”.  It also helps us to troubleshoot phones at your location.

  • Each extension can operate with an independent phone number associated to it, if you have them.  We call these DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing).  When that DID number is dialed, that specific phone rings, and no other phone rings.

Let’s say Ext 100 is associated to the company’s main phone number 702-555-1000.
Millie, the Vice President of Marketing, might also have her own direct line, 702-555-1011, and Hal, the owner, might have a direct number of 702-555-1099.   

  • Example: When a call comes in to the main number, the person answering (from any phone) may transfer the call to any extension. So if the caller wanted to speak to the Shipping Dock, the call would be transferred to ext 104. 
  • Example: When someone wanted to call Millie, they could either:
    dial the main number (702-555-1000) and be transferred to Millie’s ext 102; or
    if they know the number, dial Millie’s DID 702-555-1011, which would ring directly at Millie’s phone. This call would only ring at Millie’s desk.       
  • Each phone may be moved anywhere in the company’s network and retain all its identity, its programming and its customization.

    Example: Hal needs to work out of the Maintenance Dept. today. Hal could take his phone from his office and plug it in at the Maintenance desk. All his speed dial numbers and personal programming on that phone remain with the phone, so he can use it as if he were in his office, including all incoming calls to his extension 103, or his DID 702-555-1099.


Last, but not least, fill out the check boxes on the Extensions List page:

A.  If you want an extension’s voicemails to be sent to an email recipient when a message is left on an extension, check the box and give us the email address you want to receive the voicemail.

Example:  If Millie needs to get voicemails sent to her email at millie.main@abcplumbing.org, check the “voicemail to email” by user name Millie.

B.  Identify who should be in the simultaneous ring group.

Example: If you want all the phones to ring when someone calls the main number, check each box by each user.  If you don’t want the Shipping Dock or Maintenance Dept. to ring when the main number rings, omit them from the check marked list.

C. Who should get incoming v-faxes sent to their email?

If you have v-fax in your contract, the incoming v-fax will come in via email to an email address.  You must designate at least one email address to receive v-faxes. 

Example: Some companies have a general email box, like abcfaxes@abcplumbing.org.  In this manner they can designate who has access to the faxes after receipt through password access. In this case, you would put this abcfaxes@abcplumbing.org next to all users and check off the “fax to email” block for each user as well.

Example:  If you didn’t want the Shipping Dock or Maintenance to get faxes via email, you would leave the “email” column and the “fax to email” block empty.  This way, receptionist, Millie and Hal would be the only ones getting fax via email.

Sample of an Extension List Form:


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